“Leave no stone unturned while you turn over a new leaf.”





moreleaves-square SoulEnnQuiry is for Individuals seeking relief from suffering, anxiety and addiction.  Using the Living Inquiries and the wisdom of The Enneagram, I will help you to discover, uncover, explore and release aspects of who you believe yourself to be which are limiting your capacity for joy and serenity.  The benefit of this sort of deep, and yet safe, investigation is the ability to be more restful and calm as you allow for, rather than resist, the wide variety of human experiences inherent in being alive. 


fall2010-SQUARE FamilyEnnQuiry is for Parents looking for tools to better understand and serve their children.  In addition to using standard EnnQuiry tools, we will work together to incorporate a picture of human physical and soul development as defined by Rudolf Steiner.  In getting to know your children better and finding ways to foster their growth and help them to thrive, we will also explore the Four Temperaments, the three Seven-Year Cycles of childhood, and the need for the balance of intellectual, artistic and practical skill development in the child.  As a result, you will feel more confidence and joy in your parenting. 


 couplestherapy-SQUARE RelationshipEnnQuiry supports all of our Partnerships be they partner-partner, spouse-spouse, friend-friend, colleague-colleague, employee-boss. The Living Inquiries and the Enneagram are both particularly useful for people who have an issue with another for whom no amount of talking seems to bring resolution.  I can offer valuable insights for understanding The Other in your relationships, personal or professional, and provide useful tools for peaceful conflict resolution and inner confidence. 


 oak-Square ClassroomEnnQuiry is for Educators.  Utilizing the Living Inquiries, the Enneagram, as well as Rudolf Steiner’s indications of child development and teaching methodology, we will collaborate to better understand your colleagues and serve the students who have come to you for guidance, compassion and love.  This is for the teacher who may have a particularly difficult time experiencing success with a student or type of student, or even a colleague.  In addition, EnnQuiry tools can be useful for the teacher who is experiencing burnout or being “bored out”.  It will bring new life to your own growth as a teacher, and inspired and creative approaches to working with your students. 


 lily pads-square HeartEnnquiry is for Children and Youth.  Today’s children and youth are charged with navigating a world increasingly filled with complex challenges.  These same children and youth have enormous capacities for wisdom and insight, and I can help them to better know who they are, better understand their natural strengths, and encourage them to develop areas they have considered to be weaknesses.  Most importantly, I will help them to know they are loveable and that they belong in a world that has a place for them.


EnnQuiry techniques are effective for both individuals and  in group settings. In addition to private sessions, I also offer workshops, seminars and professional consultation.