I was personally involved with training Meredith and found her to be a quick-study with a curious and interested spirit about the inquiries.  She is now assisting me in training others in the Living Inquiries.  She has become a highly skilled facilitator at this point, able to meet clients wherever they are with regard to any issue that pops up.  She is kind, attentive, intuitive and caring.  Give the inquiries and Meredith a try.  I believe you will be very pleased!

~Scott Kiloby


“I’ve had many sessions with Meredith each one more revealing than the last.  Her mastery of the Living Inquiries processes coupled with her understanding of the Enneagram provide a rich and secure footing to dive deeply and explore unchartered territory.  Since working with Meredith, I am more happy and calm, and am less afraid of what life has in store for me.  Meredith is sensitive, creative, unflappable and gracious.  I will always be grateful for her embracing companionship as witness and guide.”



“My son has blossomed under Meredith’s conscious care.  He has moved from being a little guy with very low self-esteem who was very anxious about school, to a boy who looks forward to school every day. Her teaching is a blessing in our lives.”



“Meredith is a natural when it comes to tuning in and caring for others.  The people with whom she works are deeply touched and forever changed.”



“Meredith has been a guiding light for our child.  We are grateful everyday for the wisdom that she brings to her teaching.  She is the truest of hearts.”



“I have had many Living Inquiries sessions with Meredith, and I find her to be very insightful while at the same time, very gentle.  She guides me with a warmth and security, so that I know that I am good hands.  The Living Inquiries themselves have radically changed my life. I’m just a more peaceful person.  Thank you Living Inquiries and Meredith.”



“I have gained so much self-knowledge and insight from Meredith’s use of The Enneagram in helping me to navigate my own personal growth and relationships.  There is so much to learn from The Enneagram, and Meredith has helped to show the way.”



Meredith is so thorough in both her facilitation and her instruction, leaving no stone unturned. I so appreciate her intuitive, unhurried pace. She really had no agenda but to ride on the waves of what was presenting itself. I love the way she is open when I tell her I want to rest with something before moving ahead and she’s just right there. THANKS!!

~D.S. California